So, your store's all setup but you're wondering the best way to promote your store and items in order to get customers to buy? Well you're in luck, here's the advice we give to PlayerLands store holders:

1) Use buy one get one free (BOGOF) - everyone loves one of these deals, as customers are literally getting more for their money, and what better way to get more for your money than to get another one (or something else) completely for free! So maybe when running your next promotion, consider giving something away extra to entice your players to buy!

2) Less is more - everyone likes a good range of choice, but too much choice can complicate the customer's buying process and delay purchasing. So, maybe with ranks have 5 maximum ranks and maybe some other one-time products .ect

3) Give free things to YouTuber's and befriend them - getting involved and being sucessful in the gaming community is hard, but knowing some people in the same boat makes things easier; and people can help you succeed. So, try reaching out to some YouTuber's and Streamers and give them some free stuff, and you never know, they might stream on your server and they might even bring their audience with them and you might gain some exposure from that!
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