To help your server stay organised and so your players know what's allowed and what isn't, you should set some rules for your server. This will also help your moderators know what they should check on and when players break your rules.

It's important to display your server's rules clearly and to post them in any other channels your players use when discussing the server, for example your website and Discord.

Suggested Basic Rules...

Here are some suggested rules you may want to implement on your server:

No advertising
If your server's listed online, you'll inevitably get players joining who post links to malicious sites or other servers. We'd recommend a rule against doing that, and to kick or ban members who attempt it.

No spam
With no cooldown on your server’s chat, people can send messages in rapid succession, stopping other members from talking. Spam is never constructive, and gets in the way of meaningful communication - it's also annoying. You can install plugins to limit users from doing this and to automate offences.

No griefing
Griefing in Minecraft means destroying others' structures. You can use a plugin to let your players protect their bases, unless your server wants to promote a more harsh and survivalist PVP environment.

No hacking
It's worth including a rule to let hackers know that they'll be banned if they're found to be exploiting your server.

No begging
Some servers opt to have this rule if members often ask staff to give them exclusive items or to bend the rules just for them.

No use of x-ray glitches
In the base version of Minecraft, it's sometimes possible to use exploits and glitches to see under the world and see where to find diamonds, for example. If you're using Spigot most of these are already patched out.
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