Hey! If you're here, you might be wondering what you can sell on your Playerlands store. That's okay, we understand that at first it can be quite overwhelming! Now while we wouldn't recommend selling dirt blocks to your players, here are a few exciting ideas of what you could sell using Playerlands!

1) Ranks
Ranks are by far the most popular thing to be sold on Minecraft servers, you could use them with players to unlock cosmetics and other in-game benefits (please keep in mind the Minecraft EULA!) on your server. If you're struggling to come up with some names for ranks then you could have things like: Donator, Donor, Supporter, Champion and Helper! Plugins like SARanks can help you offer these to players!

2) Cosmetics
Cosmetics are things like particle effects, death effects and even lobby music that players can activate ingame for, sometimes, a small real-world-money fee. You could sell these cosmetics in groups, singularly or even in treasure chests (with this plugin for example!) some good examples of cosmetic plugins include UltraCosmetics and ProCosmetics!

3) VIP Areas
Everybody loves feeling important! So why not sell VIP Passes that allow you access to exclusive areas on your server? Plugins like WorldGuard allow you to restrict with a permission who can enter a certain region, so all you have to do is make an exclusive VIP area and make a region around this area and restrict the region to the VIP permission that you create. You can then create a VIP rank / pass that allows this permission and thus allows access to these exclusive areas!

There's loads of things you can sell with playerlands, this is just the start! For more ideas, why not take a look at the endless selection of community-made Spigot plugins?
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