The favicon on your webstore is the little icon that appears in the tab that your store is loaded on. By default it'll be the PlayerLands logo, but you can change it to a custom icon of your choosing. Here's how:

1) Click the three lines icon in the top right and then click Stores.

We'd recommend using a 32x32 .ico file as your favicon, this ensures the best possible favicon. You can use a converter like this one here to convert normal image files into 32x32 .ico files.
2) Select the store you'd like to manage.

3) Click the Customise Webstore button and then go to Template Settings.

4) Press save.

Now refresh your webstore and the change should be immediate. Press CTRL+F5 to refresh if you can't see a change. In some cases, changes may take 24 hours to go-through.
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