Before adding products to your store, you'll need the Playerlands plugin setup and linked to your Minecraft server!
First, you'll want to make sure that the correct store is selected in the Playerlands Portal. You can change your store selection by clicking the three lines icon in the top right and then click Stores.

Second, on your store's dashboard, select Products.

Third, on the products page click Start, this will create a new product for you.

Fourth, choose a name for the product, which players will see in the store, along with a price, description & image.

The minimum price you can set is 1 unit of currency! So eg, $1, £1 .ect

New! We now support HTML & Markdown Formatting for all product descriptions!
Want to upload an image? We have a guide here.
Finally, you'll want to add a command to be ran on your server when the product is purchased. Here's an example of a command that gives the player purchasing a diamond block:

give [player] minecraft:diamond_block 1
You can see here that [player] can be used as a placeholder for the purchasing player's username.

NEW: Our Command Builder is now live!

Our portal is going through a face-lift right now which means our Command Builder isn't working at the moment! We're gonna get this fixed as soon as possible!

Our Command Builder makes it easier than ever to do simple actions like give players items on your server, useful for being able to build and get products sold in a flash, or for testing purposes.

To use the Command Builder, simply make a product as directed above, and click the Command Builder button when it comes to adding your command in, simple. From there you can build your command without even typing anything out! It's brilliant, will save you time, and as we see how people use our service; we can add more prebuilt commands for the most popular plugins soon! If you have any suggestions, get in touch!

If you want to run more than one command when the commands for a package are ran, then you can! Just seperate commands with a semi-colon ; like this:

give [player] minecraft:diamond_block 1; say thank you [player] for donating to our server
You don't need to include a "/" in your commands, as they're automatically ran as the console!
Once the product has been added, you'll be able to see it on your products page. You should also be able to see it live on your webstore, just give it a refresh!

Once you've added some products, you should be good to go to give your Playerlands store link to your players to start the donations coming in!
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