Customising your PlayerLands webstore is easy. We've built a customisation system from the ground-up to make it extra easy and fun to do. Getting your store looking good is going to be one of the biggest reasons players will buy from your store, because if players feel good then they're more likely to buy and a nice looking store helps with that a lot!

Getting to the customisation screen

1) Click the hamburger icon in the top-right and click Stores.

2) Click Customise Webstore.

3) You can then customise your store on this page to your heart's contempt! Note that you'll need to learn how to use our template editor (programming required) to customise some things on some templates such as colours, but things like images, links, pages and more can be created using our inline 'on the site' editor. No programming required there!

Selecting a template

A template controls overall what your site looks like. To select a template follow the instructions above to get to the customisation screen, then select the template you'd like on the templates menu. All available templates will appear on there!

Creating your own template

You can't edit the templates that ship with PlayerLands. You can only make your own.
You'll need programming skills to understand this next part!
You can create the CSS / HTML of a template by clicking the Go button under "New template" on the customisation page. This allows you to use HTML & CSS to create a new template for your store entirely from scratch!

Simply sign-in to the PlayerLands template editor with your PlayerLands account and you'll be able to follow the editor's instructions to create a template.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.
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