Hey! So by now you've probably setup Playerlands fully on your server and maybe even gotten one or two sales, but of course you'll want to grow bigger. But how do we do that? Let's explain:

1) Use server listing sites
Server listing sites are incredibly popular as they often showcase the best Minecraft servers that the world has to offer. You can offer incentives (rewards) on your server to encourage players to vote for your server via a plugin called Votifier. You'll find that new servers will climb the ranks quickly and it'll only be a matter of time before more players start joining your server! Some examples include:


2) Advertising
While we wouldn't recommend advertising on other servers (as quite frankly, this is quite rude!) we would recommend advertising online via your social medias, word of mouth (tell your friends!) and maybe even in local publications such as a local newspaper. We also offer an advertising channel for Minecraft servers on our Discord server! You could even try asking your local school if you could start an after-school or lunchtime Minecrafting club! There's plenty of ways to advertise your server, so be imaginative and think your way to the top!

3) Online forums / boards
Talking about your server nicely on other online forums and message boards could be a great way to introduce yourself to new potential friends and to advertise your server to others! Even just including your server link in your message signature (the bit at the end!) might be enough to entice some new players! Popular Minecraft server advertising spots on these types of sites include, but are not limited to:

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