So, you've created your store, added some products maybe and now you're ready to start selling? Then it's time to meet your new best friend: the Playerlands plugin! The Playerlands plugin listens out closely for sales coming from your playerlands site, if it detects a sale it'll then run all the commands necessary to get the item / 'thing!' that your player has ordered to their account faster than a pig being struck by lightening!

To install the plugin, you'll need to have a server running Spigot (or any of it's variants) between versions 1.8 to 1.17
Before we start, you'll need to know if you're self-hosted (running on your own PC / hardware) or if you're using a server hosting company. If you're using a site like GGServers, Pebblehost, Shockbyte or Meloncube for example, then you're using a server hosting company. Server hosting companies may have slightly different ways of installing plugins so it's best to reach out to their support regarding the exact steps you should follow. This guide will mainly help self-hosters who are running the server on their own hardware.

1) Installing the plugin

First, is the easy bit! You just need to download the Playerlands plugin, you can download it from here!

Second, we'll need to install it to make it work! Simply move the file you just downloaded into the plugins folder, you'll find the plugins folder wherever your server files live!

Third, restart the server.

You can check it's working by checking your server's start-up logs! If you see "Playerlands initialized on the server!" that means it's installed sucessfully!
2) Setting it up (linking your store to the plugin)

First, open your Playerlands Portal and select the store you wish to link to the plugin, then click "Servers". Now, create a server on this page and give it a name. You'll then be given an API key (like a code!) Simply click the command to copy it to your clipboard.

Second, open Minecraft normally and connect to your server, then as an OP, run the command.

Do not share your code with anyone else!
Third, your server should then restart and register automatically to your store. Now is the time to refresh your Playerlands Portal's stores page and on there you should see that the connection status changes to "healthy" to show that the server is linked to Playerlands!

If you need any further help with this please email and we'll be happy to help!
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