You have your server, your store's set up and you have some regular players, but how do you keep them coming back and engage with them?

Minecraft is a diverse game with lots of opportunities to reward your dedicated players to stay on your server and to keep logging in. Here are some fun ideas to keep your server fresh and exciting!

1) Rewards

It's good to reward players for the dedication and time they invest playing on your server. You can be as inventive as you like about what you reward your players with, but these are some common rewards that you can easily implement with the right plugins.

Claim Blocks
If you use the popular plugin Grief Prevention you can reward players for the amount of time they spend on your server with claim blocks. This is a virtual currency offered by the plugin that lets players claim and protect more land, preventing anyone from destroying their hard work.

Daily Rewards
This is a feature you may be familiar with if you enjoy free to play mobile games. They give a reward each day you log in, and every day the reward gets a little better. You can use the plugin Reward Pro to set something like this up - it's highly configurable and they have more features planned for future updates.

Events and Competitions
Events and competitions are a good way to engage with your users and introduce fun new ways of taking part in your server. There are loads of ideas here, like building, PvP, Minigames, mazes or jumping puzzles. The best part of these sorts of rewards is they can be run on any server of any size and require truly little setup and no plugins. Just give the winner a prize.

Voting for your Server
As previously covered in Using server listing sites you can reward players for voting for your server and boosting your server listing on sites, by giving them rewards when they do. Normally this may be giving them some free items or if you have an economy plugin you can reward them with that too.

Make Dedicated Players Staff
If there are members on your server who help users out frequently or support you in moderation efforts like tipping you off to player who are hacking you can reward them by adding them to your team.

2) Events

You can make your server more exciting and involve your community in a number of ways. These can be almost anything you can think of - when it comes to Minecraft the only limit is your imagination.

If your server only has one game mode, like survival, it can help to break up the monotony of gathering resources and building bases.

Here are some great community event ideas you can run on your server with little setup or required plugins.

Building Competition
Why not challenge your players to build something epic or even let them enter their base into a competition to see who has the biggest and coolest? This is a great one to get started with since players who have already invested plenty of time in your server will have built up big bases and structures, while new players are incentivised to come back frequently to keep working on theirs.

Build a maze
You can create a maze in your world and challenge your players to complete it. You can download a plugin to generate one or gather your friends and staff team to help you out. It can be a nice touch to leave a chest at the end and fill it with goodies for the first person who solves it.

Challenge your best gladiators! Build a stadium or interesting walled-in environment and arrange a tournament for your players to compete together. They could use the tools they have crafted in survival or you can give them a pre-made set to level the playing field.

Jumping Puzzle
This is one of Minecraft's staple challenges, and very often used in hub areas of large servers. Test the parkour skills of your players and ask them to complete a jumping course. You can build this yourself but there's also a selection of plugins online that can help you make them fast and include all-important checkpoints.

Host Events Outside Your Server
If you have a website with a forum on it, or a Discord server you can run events there, why not give away ranks or products on your store every month so those who can’t afford them are not left out from the opportunity to get cool stuff. You could also host movie nights or let your players think up ideas for events and other fun activities.
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