The shiny new, awesome Discord bot that we've created might not be able to make you a cup of tea, but we can notify you (and your community if you so choose!) whenever you get a sale in your PlayerLands store! You can also use it to award ranks to players who buy certain packages. Cool right? Best thing, it's really easy to setup. Here's how you do it:

Bot showing as offline? That's normal. It's actually online, ready and waiting to serve you!
You must have a PlayerLands store fully setup before you can use this feature!
1) Click the Stores button on the left sidebar and then click the store you'd like to manage.

2) Press the Store Settings button on the dashboard, then click the link to invite the bot to your server.

3) In the Discord window that pops open, authorize the bot and choose the server you'd like to invite the bot to and click continue to invite the bot.

4) Then, back in PlayerLands, under "Step 2" click the command to copy it and paste it into your Discord server, in any text channel.

5) That's it!

In order to get the bot to apply a role to someone when they purchase a product, the role must already be made on your server. You can then find the "Give role" button in the edit product menu (under Discord Actions!), select the role you'd like the product to apply and that's it! Anyone who buys that package will be given the selected role.

You can also get the bot to broadcast when a product is bought in a specific channel on your server, you can use the same screen, just instead of "give role" select "send message".

To get to the below screen, just follow our guide on creating products!

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