So ranks are one of the simplest things you can sell on your Minecraft server, all a rank is usually is a really cool tag that displays next to the player's name in chat, and maybe above their head too. Ranks sometimes come with extra benefits such as being able to fly in certain areas of your server (like the hub) and such, ranks with these sorts of benefits are better at selling as there's more of a reason to buy the rank if it has something over the other ranks (including free / no-rank players).

An example of ranks taken from the Mineplex server.

This guide will show you how to add ranks to your server that display next to the players name in both chat and above the head. It'll also show you how to add extra features to those ranks should you choose to do so.

Chat Tags

So, the first thing you'll want to do is download and install LuckPerms, if you're not using it already. Although LuckPerms is a permissions plugin (and you should already have it installed really), it comes with prefixes / suffixes (in chat only) built-in, so it's what we'll be using for those.

You'll also want to download and install NametagEdit as well, this will allow us to change the nametags that appear above the name of players.

To install a plugin, simply download the plugin JAR file for both plugins and put them both in the plugins folder and restart your server. You may have to use an FTP client like Filezilla to upload the file(s) to your server's plugins folder to get them on your server. Alternatively, some hosts may offer a plugin installer which you can use to install plugins on your server, although this isn't guaranteed.

So, by now you should have both plugins installed. Please check now by doing /plugins (you need to be OP to do this!) in-game and see if they both display. If either plugin appears red, feel free to get in touch with your hosting companies' support. If you're self-hosting, we may be able to help you so feel free to get in touch with us.

Before we start managing permissions, we need to change the name of our default group. This group by default is called... well... default. Boring isn't it? We need to change it. To do that, run the command: /lp group <group> rename <new name> Don't use the <> when running the command, they're placeholders only.

Now lets get the ranks that display in chat setup. Note that your chat-ranks and nametag ranks (the ones above the head!) will be on different systems using this method, but we think it gives greater flexibility for the future doing it this way. So, to start, do /luckperms editor ingame and click the link that's generated. You should now see a screen looking like this (this is a demo do not actually use this!)

Awesome, on this screen you can now make your ranks. Click "Groups" and you should see the new name of your default group, whatever you've called it. Click it! You'll now see the groups permissions on your screen.

Now, make a new permission node using the box at the bottom and type "prefix.100.<prefix> " (again, without the ""). You'll see we left a space at the end, this is so chat doesn't cramlikethis. Where it says <prefix> you can type your prefix in! You can use the colour codes from here to customize your tag. Use the "chat codes" list.

The "100" part of the command above refers to it's weight! You can find more info here.
You can now create multiple groups and add permissions (and tags!) to each one, different groups can have different permissions, so you can add certain features like flying "" to some groups and not others to make some ranks better than others. You can do this with pretty much any plugin as all plugins use the same spigot permissions system!

Now, press "save" on the luckperms online editor, and copy and paste the command ingame and run the command. Then your permissions will copy over to your server and it should all work! If something's not quite right, maybe try it again and you can go here for further help.

Nametag Tags (Above Head)

Nametag tags work on pretty much the same system. You should have already installed NametagEdit, so go to your plugins folder, then NametagEdit's folder, then download the groups.yml file. This is the one you need.

You can use Notepad just fine, but Notepad++ works best for YML files.
Then, in this file, you can create groups by copying and pasting the ones that are already there. The "permission" for each group should be nte.<groupname> and you can customise the prefix and suffix however you like. To leave the prefix / suffix blank use '' in it's place. Finally, there's the sort priority, 1 shows at the top, 2 is 2nd, 3rd is 3rd to show and so on (this is only useful if you let NametagEdit format your tab menu, which we recommend, you can enable this by enabling the option in the config.yml for this plugin).

After you've edited to your hearts contempt, save and reupload the new file to replace the old groups.yml (and config.yml if applicable) and then run /nte reload ingame. If you've changed the config.yml file as well, you may have to restart your server as well for the changes to take effect.

Dont' forget that you then need to add the permission node "nte.<groupname>" to the relevant groups on Luckperms using the editor that you've already used.

Right, woo-hooo! You've got ranks up and running, now to sell them? You can follow this guide. You'll just need to make sure that when you're selling you move the player who's purchasing to the relevant group by adding this command to the package:

/lp user [player] group add <group>

We have some tips on how to set the best pricing here, to help you maximise your profit!

On PlayerLands, the system will replace [player] with the player's actual name. You can use the [player] placeholder in any command!
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