Hey! This guide will help you setup a Minecraft server on a dedicated server or VPS with Windows installed on it.

First, you'll need to RDC (remote desktop connection) to your server, to do this grab your server's IP (sometimes called a host or hostname) and search on your own PC for "RDC" and open the Remote Desktop Connection program. Then copy the IP and paste it into the "computer" box on the remote desktop program.

Second, hit the connect button. You might then be asked for a username and password - this will usually be emailed to you or be on the control panel for the server that you have purchased, this will vary per server hosting company so please contact them if you have any login questions.

We do not have access to your service and as such we cannot help with any server setup queries. We're more than happy to assist with our own software, such as the Playerlands plugin however.
Now you're connected, you should see your remote server's screen on your own PC. At the top in the center you'll see a bar with the remote server's IP and a connection strength bar. This shows you are connected! From here you can also minimise and resize the window if you want.

So, the first thing to-do is to install Java from their website here. Make sure to pick either the 64-bit or 32-bit version depending on your server! Most are 64-bit these days though (32-bit may also be expressed as x84 sometimes though, so watch out!)

After Java has been installed, you can then follow the steps here to setup your first server!
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