Community goals are a great feature that can be used to help your community celebrate when a certain amount of money has been passed through your store. They're a great way to help boost payments on your store too, as if potential clients can see that other clients have purchased and had a good time with your store & server, they're more confident, meaning they're more likely to buy.

Best of all, community goals come free with your PlayerLands store, here's how to set them up!

First, click the three lines icon in the top right, then click Stores. Now press Manage on the store you'd like to edit / create a community goal on.

Then, click that fancy Community Goals button.

Now you're on the Community Goals page, click Start to add a new goal.

Now just fill in the boxes that appear, note that the short & long descriptions and the community goal's name will appear on your store site!

When you're ready, press the Create button, and that's it, you've made a community goal!
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