Using Markdown & HTML can make your descriptions look loads better! With markdown you can do things like make text BOLD, or put text in italics. You can also underline important stuff! Here's how to use it:

Using Markdown

Because this article is actually formatted in markdown itself, we've surrounded all the punctuation with " " so you can see it! Don't include the " " marks in your actual formatting!
To make text bold like this then just surround it with two asterisks "**" either side! "**"

To make text itallic like this then surround it with one underscore "_" like this! "_"

To make text underlined just surround it with two underscores. "__" ooo fancy! "__"

To make a list just start each item on a new line with a * at the beginning of each list item! Great for showing off things like features of a rank!

We also support headers! So you can use...

"#" - for a large header
"###" - for a medium header
"######" - for a small header

Finally, you can also add a quote by starting your quote with a ">"

So there we are, now you know how to use Markdown. Note that Markdown will only work in the long description area of your product!

To find out how to create a product click here. If you've got one in mind that you'd like to edit, then click here!

Using HTML

Go ahead and paste it straight in and it'll work! Any problems please contact us.
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