Staff accounts allow you to give someone access to your organisation within PlayerLands, so they can manage and see information for all the stores within the organisation you give a user access to. It's a really useful feature if you have a team that needs access to store information. Here's how to use it:

We will not be held responsible or intervene with any abuse of power that comes from a 3rd party having access to your PlayerLands organisation. In other words, only give access to people you trust 100%.
Right now, anyone added will have access to the whole organisation and be able to do anything. We're setting up per-user permissions in the near future.
To add someone to your organisation, click the three lines icon in the top right, then choose Account. This will cause you to manage the current organisation you're logged in as. To change organisations if you need to; click click the three lines icon in the top right then click the little switch icon next to your current organisation name at the bottom of the menu.

Now scroll down to Staff Accounts and click Add a Staff Account. You'll then be asked for their email, type it into the box and press save.

What happens next depends on whether the user has a PlayerLands account already or not:

If they do; then your organisation will appear on their organisations list the next time they sign in.

If they don't; then tell them to make one with the email you've provided, and your organisation will appear on their account when they next sign-in.
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